AI Outline Generator Fundamentals

Learn about the variety and purpose of the author edited files in the AI Outline Generator Ecosystem.

These are text files that are editable by the author to suit their preferences. For instance, there are character files that support each character in the story-line. They contain character attributes such as name, age, network of friends; and natural issues such as resilience, emotional stamina; and more.

When the author has edited existing files, or added others, the AI Outline Generator will quickly perform an assessment of a beat’s tone and mood. Then it will reveal the state of tension between characters within the beat. These qualities will be described in the context of various plotting methods (such as beats, scenes, chapters, acts, …) within the generated outline that contains key markers such as Turning Point or Inciting Incident, Crisis, Climax and so on.

Consulting AI Outline Generator’s stock outline for J.K. Rowling’s Order of the Phoenix will give greater depth to this.

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